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Scott and Carole Tanner Memorial Award

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Today, we honor and remember the incredible lives of Scott and Carole Tanner, whose immeasurable contributions to the Community Association Institute (CAI) Central Indiana Chapter LAC and the community will forever be cherished.

Scott Tanner, a true pioneer in the industry, exemplified unwavering dedication during his long-standing involvement with the Central Indiana Chapter and the Legal Advocacy Committee (LAC). Serving on the Board intermittently for an extended period, Scott's leadership skills were recognized and celebrated, leading to his appointment as the Chapter President at least once. Throughout his career, he delivered countless captivating presentations at educational seminars, sharing his expertise and enriching attendees' knowledge. Scott's contributions extended far beyond the local Chapter as he was inducted into the college, presented at national law seminars, and represented hundreds of associations. His trailblazing spirit and unparalleled commitment left an indelible mark on the industry.

Carole Tanner, a remarkable advocate for education within the Chapter, dedicated a significant portion of her life to enhancing knowledge and learning. Serving as the Education Chair for at least ten years, if not more, Carole's passion for education was evident in her tireless efforts to promote growth and development. Her unwavering commitment to the Chapter became even more apparent during the challenging times of the pandemic. When Covid hit, Carole took the lead in developing webinar capabilities, allowing our Chapter to continue hosting educational seminars throughout the worst parts of the pandemic and beyond. Carole's determination and innovative spirit played a pivotal role in ensuring the continuity of educational opportunities, and she is undeniably one of the primary reasons why we can present virtual seminars today. Carole's dedication extended beyond education as she served on the Board for an extended period, holding various offices, including potentially serving as the Chapter President, although the exact details elude us. Furthermore, Carole made significant contributions outside of the Chapter, serving as the long-time Treasurer of her self-managed community. Her expertise and guidance were invaluable throughout her tenure.

Beyond their remarkable achievements, Scott and Carole Tanner possessed extraordinary personalities that endeared them to all who had the pleasure of knowing them. Their joyful spirits, infectious laughter, and genuine warmth created an environment of camaraderie and unity. As leaders, they inspired others to work diligently and passionately for the betterment of the Chapter and their associations. Scott and Carole's unwavering commitment and tireless efforts significantly contributed to the growth and success of our Chapter over the years.

Because of their excellence in serving, we have created the Carol and Scott Tanner Memorial Award. This award recognizes individual volunteers who have provided their time and talent for the CAI community to help educate other Community Association Volunteers. As we remember these extraordinary individuals, let us not forget their profound impact on the CAI and LAC. Their relentless pursuit of knowledge, dedication to education, and unwavering commitment to service will forever resonate within our hearts. May their legacies inspire us as we continue their work and strive to make a difference in our community.

In this time of profound loss, let us come together to support one another and draw strength from the memories we shared with Scott and Carole Tanner. They leave behind two IU students, Madeline and McKeon, each pursuing promising careers. May their souls find eternal peace and their contributions never be forgotten.

If you would like to make a  nomination for the Carole and Scott Tanner Award please complete the nomination form listed below prior to 10 November 2024.

Download PDF, complete and send to [email protected] 

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