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              How Bills Become Laws in the US Congress

LAC Update 2024 Why Is Law Perverse? - by Robin Hanson - Overcoming Bias

On June 20,2024, the Indiana Legislative Action Committee (LAC) hosted its annual legal update at the Launch shared worked space in Fishers, Indiana. The overview was presented by Chair Kelly Elmore. More details to come...

CAI’s Indiana Legislative Action Committee (IN LAC) had an active legislative session advocating on behalf of the 840,000 Hoosiers living in 338,000 homes in nearly 5,000 community associations in the state. The 17-member committee volunteered hundreds of collective hours to review bills, draft testimony, meet with legislators and other decision-makers, and testify for or against bills. Indiana legislators introduced more than 1,800 bills and the LAC closely monitored 16 bills that would have directly affected community associations; their top priority bills are summarized below.

CAI Legislative Tracking Map

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